Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beauty is a Verb

This year’s Associated Writers Programs (AWP) conference held in Denver, Colorado next month will include at least one panel discussion on disability poetry. The title of the panel is, Beauty is a Verb – The New Disability Poetics and is described by itself organizer, poet Sheila Black, as following:

“This panel will discuss how the poetry of disability seeks to tackle and refigure traditional discourses of the disabled around an interrogation of "normalcy" and of the notions of beauty and function that have been so foundational to Western culture and aesthetics. The panel will focus on poetic strategies, including the subversion of historical discourses and the decentering of the subject through which a range of disabled poets have sought to address these issues.”

Black will be joined the panel by four other poets/scholars Barbara Crooker, Jennifer Bartlett, Ann Bogle, and Ellen McGrath Smith . Michael Northen, an editor of Wordgathering will moderate the panel. The panel promises to be exciting with this opinionated and diverse group. It is a chance to hear first hand about many of the issues raised in disability literature by the writers themselves. Sample poetry from each of the panelists can be seen in the current issue of Wordgathering.


Blogger nina4667 said...

Just a few suggestions to the author of this blog post...Compare the terms "disabled poets" with the description, "four other poets." Can you see how the verbiage here is discriminatory in itself? Individuals with disabilities do not need to be referred to as disabled in an overall may appear as a subtle difference to a person without a disability, but huge in its implications to those who experience the challenges of navigating a world geared toward 'normalcy." People with disabilities are people experiencing a physical or mental challenge just like anyone else might experience those things. Thanks...

July 12, 2012  

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