Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unfortunate Demise

Journals, especially print journals, that dedicate themselves to creative literature related to disability are so few in number that it is truly unfortunate when one of them ceases to publish. This is the case with Mindprints, a literary journal edited by Paul Fahey through Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California since 2001. It is rare enough to find a college that willingly devotes an entire publication to creative disability writing, but one of such high quality in both appearance and material is truly unique. Fahey deserves our gratitude for providing this venue for so long. With his retirement, the journal itself retires. Yes, there still Kaleidoscope and such online alternatives as Wordgathering and Breath & Shadow - and all are excellent in their own ways. But the choices are far too few. Mindprints will definitely be missed.


Anonymous Robin said...

Hey, this is a really neat site, i'd like to list it in my disability directory in the arts section at

Can somebody please contact me via my site to arrange?

February 27, 2008  

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