Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hyperlexia Journal

Hyperlexia: A Literary Journal Celebrating the Autistic Spectrum is looking for fiction, poetry, and personal essays. The deadline for the inaugural issue are December 31.

The editors offer the following submission guidelines:
  • Hyperlexia is interested in honest, thoughtful, well-written poetry and prose about being autistic and loving someone with autism. We want genuine and truthful writing about autism. Our journal is a celebration of real life with autism, both the good and the bad. You can be serious, sad, or funny. We believe in respecting the diversity of the human mind and discriminatory writing or hatred of any kind will not be published.

  • Submissions should be 1500 words or less.

  • Send submission inside the body of the email, as well as attached as a Word doc.

Submissions can be sent to submissions@hyperlexiajournal.com. The journal itself will be found at www.hyperlexiajournal.com.



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