Thursday, June 25, 2009

Literary Mama

Ona Gritz is a poet with a lot of talent whose work is really starting to get around. Since the publication of Left Standing, her work has appeared in a number of magazines including Disabilitiy Studies Quarterly and Barefoot Muse . Her prose essays about the writer's life are also catching on. One will be coming up in a future issue of Lilith while another is being reprinted in The Utne Reader . Despite the crisp, non-sentimantal poetry Gritz writes related to disability, she also has a regular column in Literary Mama , a column that reflects on the myriad issues that arise for the woman who is both a disciplined writer and a mother. Finally, Gritz was recently part of an exciting dialogue on writing and disability with poets Kathi Wolfe, Linda Cronin and Patricia Wellingham-Jones in Wordgathering. She is definitely a poet to keep on your radar.


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