Sunday, March 13, 2005

Kaleidoscope and Mindprints

To my knowledge there are only two nationally disseminated hard copy magazines that dedicate themselves to work of writers and artists with disabilities - Kaleidoscope and Mindprints. These magazines provide a chance to look first hand at how individuals with disabilities view themselves and the world through literary essays, fiction, poetry, photography and art. One of the oldest and most respected forums is Kaleidoscope, a magazine that seeks high quality literature and art from the disabilities community. In the mission statement included at the front of every issue since 1979, the editors state it is “not an advocacy, rehabilitation or independent living journal.” Instead it expresses the experiences of disability and seeks to challenge and overcome “stereotypical, patronizing, and sentimental attitudes about disability.” A second and newer literary journal featuring writing/photography by and about individuals with disabilities is Mindprints which comes out of the Learning Assistance Program at Allan Hancock College. Mindprints is no Special Ed workshop project. Under the editorship of Paul Fahey, it is an exuberant, high quality production that is starting to get the wider readership it deserves. It is, as its cover proclaims, a literary journal.


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