Friday, November 30, 2012

Anthology by Mothers of Children with Disabilities

Although children with disabilities should always be given the opportunity to speak for themselves, parents of children with disabilities also have their own storiesLiz Whiteacre and Lyn Jones of Ball State University have put out the forllowing call for essays and poems by the mothers of children with disabilities themselves:

Seeking Submissions from Mothers of Children with Special Needs for Anthology Project: We believe in the transitive power of story. Our hope is that your stories will illustrate a realistic tableau of the lives of mothers of children with special needs. This anthology is the vision of mothers, writers, disability advocates, professors, and editors Darolyn “Lyn” Jones and Liz Whiteacre. Mothers of children with special needs, please consider submitting previously unpublished nonfiction essays 6,000 words or less (they may be memoir, graphic/illustrated, or photo essays) and no more than 6 unpublished poems that address the challenges you face, empowerment you’ve felt, joy you’ve experienced, or providence you’ve explored. Multiple submissions are allowed. Email Liz Whiteacre at for detailed submission guidelines. Submissions must be received by Monday, April 22, 2012.

Here's an opportunity for women to tell their stories. Take advantage of it.


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