Monday, March 12, 2007


A new online journal that has just made it appearance should be of interest to writers with disabilities and writers interested in writing about disability – in other words, readers of Dispoet. The journal is called Wordgathering and joins the ranks of periodicals like Breath & Shadow, Disability Studies Quarterly and Audacity as venues that are helping to build up a genuine core of disabilities literature. At this time Wordgathering limits itself to poetry and related interests but shows promise of branching into other literary forms as well. In addition to poetry Laura Hershey, Paul Kahn, Barbara Crooker, Kobus Moolman and others, the first issue of the journal includes a review of Sheila Black’s How to Become a Maquiladora, an interview with novelist Tracy Koretsky about her book Ropeless and an essay on poetic form by Daniel Simpson. Of course, one solid issue won’t determine the journal’s future among the mass of other online productions, but, in the meantime, it is definitely worth checking out.